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Next Symposium

The Mid West Sea Kayak Symposium is taking a wee break in 2017 - giving everyone a chance to practise their ceilidh dancing before the next Symposium! We hope to see you back at the Symposium in 2018.

In the meantime, happy paddling and we look forward to seeing you at Kari-Tek to help you find your perfect kayaking gear.

Ann & Stuart
01292 571019

Symposium Programme

Whether you're new to kayaking or novice/intermediate paddler looking to hone your existing skills, the Mid West Sea Kayak Symposium is perfect for you! After three days with our experienced coaches, you'll really feel the difference in your skill level and on-the-water confidence. We are also able to hire kit for the weekend: read more here.

Participants can select your preferred courses in advance of the Symposium, at time of booking and we'll do our utmost to meet your wishes. If you are a beginner, just let us know when you book and we'll choose the courses which are best for you. Our provisional programme is outlined below:

  • Forward Paddling – Style • Efficiency • Easier • Further • Faster.
    On land course - see yourself paddling using our paddle machine and video.
    On the water course - put what you've learned into practice out on the water.
  • Edging and TurningBeginners - the How, Why, When and Where
    In the wind
    - Timing • Tactics • Environment.
    - Body • Boat • Paddle
  • Close Quarter Manoeuvering – tactics for small tight spaces
  • Recovery Strokes – Falling In (how not to...)!
  • Moving Sideways - Static • Dynamic • Linked Sculled • Hanging strokes
  • Compound Strokes & Stroke Linkage - Facts • Fiction • Mojo
  • Sea Kayak Journey – full and half day guided paddles exploring the nooks & crannies and local marine flora & fauna
  • Boat Trials – so you want to buy a boat - water based hints, tips and advice.
  • Towing – Pros • Cons • Considerations - an introduction to the hardware and techniques of towing
  • Rescues – Leading • Assisting • Single • All-in • Self - getting people back upright and, where necessary, back into their boats.
  • Introduction to Rolling – a relaxed introduction to a gentle art.
  • Rolling Progressions – got a roll? - top tips to up your success rate.
  • Introduction to Coastal Navigation - what we need, how we do it.
  • Field Repairs, Maintenance & Keel Eazy - Solutions: Temporary, Permanent, In-between
  • Incident Management Introduction - Assessment, Prevention, Intervention, Coping Strategies

The Symposium fee (including Saturday night ceilidh) is £180 per person. For more information see How to Book.

The symposium fee does not cover accommodation or meals, but there are plenty of options close by. Click here to read more about accommodation and meal options>


sales@karitek.co.ukBook now!

01292 571 019Advance booking required

Postal bookings: download entry form here>